We were inspired to make a design of this phrase by two iconic works about democracy in the USA. “Democracy in America” is the title of a work by Alexis de Tocqueville from 1835. To write his book, he traveled around the United States studying society learning why democracy worked in the US. He found that the “habits of the heart” of Americans are what helped the success of democracy in the USA. Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 hit “Born in the USA” is both a celebration of America and a criticism of some aspects. In the song, he triumphantly shouts that he is born in the USA, he is a proud patriot. However, he also criticizes the struggles that veterans returning from Vietnam endured when they tried to re-enter society and the overall cost of life that the Vietnam war tolled on the United States.

Democracy is a cornerstone of the American way. The nature of democracy is that the people hold the power, so if you think our country has strayed from the ideals of democracy let your voice be heard.

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